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EXPLORE THE MAJESTIC SIPI FALLS, The Sipi Falls are a hidden gem within the eastern side of Uganda and are characterized by three jaw-dropping waterfalls plunging along the beautiful lower slopes of Mount Elgon, the fourth highest mountain peak in Africa. Nestled within the district of Kapchorwa, the falls are a wonderful stopover point for tourists visiting Mount Elgon National Park and sometimes the far Kidepo Valley National Park.

The tallest of these three waterfalls is around 100 meters while the second and third are about 75 meters and 85 meters respectively.

Sipi falls were named after the famous Sipi River, which also derived its named from an indigenous plant “sep” at the banks of the River. This banana-like plant is popular for its medicinal values because it is locally used for treating common ailments especially fever and measles.

Tourist activities around Sipi Falls

Hiking the falls

Hiking is the main tourist activity conducted around the Sipi falls. There are different winding hiking trails leading hikers through local communities, lush coffee and banana plantations as well as forests to the roaring Sipi waterfalls but the most popular is the Budadiri Trail that goes to a number of places including the Sasa trail, peaks of Mount Elgon before finally descending to the Sipi trail and back to the waterfalls. Hiking the Sipi falls not only reward visitors with the views of the three waterfalls but also the lush slopes of Mount Elgon, vast Karamoja plains and Lake Kyoga. Some of the important things to carry for the hike are hiking boots, walking stick, camera, binoculars, backpack and sunglasses among others.

Runners’ experience

It is a known fact that the Sebei region (where Kapchorwa lies) is a home to most of Uganda’s World Class Athletes. Joshua Cheptegei (2019 World Cross Country Champion and 2017 silver medalist in the World Championship in London), Stephen Kiprotich (another Olympic Marathon Champion) and many others are all from Kapchorwa and it is from their experiences that visitors can get to interact with several elite and amateur athletes of the region.

Abseiling and rock climbing

Do you desire to have a rush of adrenaline during your Ugandan safari? Then visit the Sipi falls areas where you will get a golden chance of abseiling from the top of the tallest waterfall (100 meters high). Alternatively, you can choose to climb on the many high cliffs. The closeness of the waterfalls and jaw-dropping views provide a once-in-a lifetime experience.

Trout fishing

Your visit to Sipi falls will allow you to fly fish for the rainbow trout in the Sipi River above waterfalls. Expect to catch huge wild rainbow trouts weighing between 2 and 10 kilograms. Mount Elgon National Park and the Sipi falls are the only places in Uganda where you can enjoy trout fishing.

Mountain biking

You can hire a bike to explore the trails near Sipi falls and the Mount Elgon.

Bird watching

Sipi falls offer unforgettable birding opportunities with species such as the Alpine Chat, white-chinned prinia, eastern bronze-napped pigeons, Mountain yellow warblers, African Goshawk, Black-throated wattle-eye, thick-billed Honeyguide, Hartlaub’s turaco, Lemon doves and African blue flycatcher being in plenty.

Coffee tours

Your visit to the Sipi falls will not only be about the spectacular waterfalls but also allow you to learn about how coffee is grown. Get a chance to trace the mind-blowing story of coffee from the seed to the cup.  EXPLORE THE MAJESTIC SIPI FALLS, The area’s Arabica coffee has for years been among the finest and delicious in the whole World. While on this tour, you will meet the local coffee farmers, have a tour of the plantations as well as the processing plant to see how good seeds and roasted to fine powder ready for drinking.

Where to stay around Sipi Falls

The Sipi falls area boasts of numerous accommodation facilities to cater for the needs of budget midrange and luxury visitors. These include Rafiki Lodge Sipi, Casa Sipi Falls Lodge, Sipi River Lodge, Sipi Falls Lodge, Sipi Falls Resort, Lacam Lodge, Crow’s Nest, Sipi Traveler’s Lodge and several Campsites for visitors interested in outdoor Camping.

Best time to explore the Sipi falls

The Sipi falls can be visited all year round but the season you visit will offer different challenges. The rainy season-March, April, May, October and November are usually associated with muddy and slippery hiking trails/floors making hiking challenging but is ideal for spotting numerous bird species especially the migratory ones. The dry season-January, February, June, July, August and December poses less hiking conditions and is also the peak season because most hikers prefer these months.

What to pack for exploring the Sipi falls

Your trip to explore Sipi falls involves packing the right items that include long sleeved shirts, t-shirts, a sweater, safari pants, sunglasses, waterproof hiking boots, gardening gloves, a good hat, camera, toiletries, insect repellants, pair of binoculars, insect repellant, backpack, first aid kit and rain jacket among others.

How to get to Sipi falls

Situated in eastern Uganda, Sipi falls is about 280 kilometers/7-8 hours’ drive from Kampala City and can be accessed by both private and public means. The latter can be through minibuses or matatu through Kampala-Jinja-Mbale-Sipi falls. Most public transport means stop at Mbale Town, and then you wait for 1-2 hours as minibuses to Sipi fill up. However, you can instead hire a cab or motorcycle to the Sipi falls and thus journey lasts only one hour. EXPLORE THE MAJESTIC SIPI FALLS

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