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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Gorilla Trekking

  Asked Questions (FAQs) on Gorilla Trekking,  What is the difference between Gorilla tracking and Gorilla Habituation Experience?

   –  Gorilla tracking: Includes tracking/trekking is search of mountain Gorillas, with visitors spending 1hr observing the Gorillas in Bwindi National park. A maximum of 8 tourists is allowed to track Gorillas per day, and the experience includes a guide and rangers.

*Gorilla tracking permit costs $700 per person, per permit.
that Gorilla trekking is unpredictable and can take up to a full day depending on the location of the mountain Gorillas on the day of tracking.

– Gorilla Habituation Experience: Includes an all-day trekking experience in search of mountain gorillas, with visitors spending 4 hrs with the gentle Giants as active participants. The experience includes researchers, trackers, habituation experts & maybe doctors for a Gorilla checkup experience. It is a learning hands on experience.
*Habituation experience costs $1500 per person, per permit, and a Maximum of 4 persons is allowed per day. The experience requires more physical endurance as it takes more time.
*The Habituation Experience only takes place in Rushaga sector of Bwindi National Park.



What is the Best time to go Gorilla trekking / Gorilla Habituation Experience?
Gorilla trekking / Habituation experience in Bwindi national park is an all year round activity. Trekking Gorillas, as well as all other forest activities can be made easier by the dry season (June – September & December to February) as the forest floor is less muddy and less slippery. The Rainy season (March – May & October – November) is usually characterized by heavy rains, muddy forest floors and thick forest vegetation with slippery forest trails.

IMPORTANT: Bwindi National park is a rain forest and it can rain anytime of the year.


What should I pack for my Gorilla trekking safari?
Bwindi Gorilla Park is a rain forest and it can rain anytime. It’s advisable to carry warm clothes for the cold, rain and the Gorilla experience. Packing list includes: Sweatshirt / sweater, long sleeved shirts / blouses, safari pants / long warm pants, strong waterproof hiking boots (Heavy soled rain boots also work) , wind and waterproof rain jacket, gloves for trekking, wide brim Hat & Sunglasses with Neck strap, Ear plugs, Camera & extra lenses / batteries, small day pack with water bottle, Insect repellant with Deet, Kleenex tissues and prescription medication.

*Full Packing list will be provided before travel.- Link to packing list page.


How to get to Bwindi National park for Gorilla trekking.
Bwindi National Park can be reached both by Air & by Road. Located in South western Uganda, is about 570 Kilometers, the park can be reached by road transport with an 8-10 hrs drive from Kampala. Bwindi National Park can also be accessed through Queen Elizabeth National Park, Or through Rwanda.

Scheduled Flights depart Entebbe international Airport daily to Bwindi National Park, and private charter flights can also be arranged from Entebbe airport and Kajjansi Airstrip.


* Nature of Roads: The Highway through Kampala – Mbarara – Kabale is tarmacked, and the roads leading to the different sectors of Bwindi Park are marrum roads. The Marrum roads can be bumpy during the dry season, but quite muddy and slippery during the rainy season.

However, the roads curve on beautiful hills with breathtaking and scenic views.


*Vehicles Used: Are either 4×4 safari land-cruisers OR Customized super custom / vans.
– The safari Land-cruisers are recommended due to the extra comfort they provide on the Ugandan roads, as these can be bumpy OR alternatively slippery and muddy. They come in different sizes including 2, 4 & 7 seater vehicles. While the Safari Vans can carry up to 7 persons.

All our vehicles are comfortable with plenty of luggage space, leg room and extra amenities like AC. Drinking water is also provided in vehicles throughout the safari. These are well serviced and driven by professional driver guides.

Where (Accommodation) can I stay during Gorilla trekking Experience?
Bwindi Gorilla Park has a wide range of accommodations to choose from, ranging from Luxury, Midrange and Budget Lodges.  Where you choose to stay will be determined by your budget, and will in turn determine the sector in which you will carry out the Gorilla trekking or vice versa. Accommodation facilities including safari lodges to tented camps provide comfortable Ensuite rooms, with flush toilets, hot water showers, comfortable beds and all room amenities. We will recommend and provide the best quality lodges for your stay. Asked Questions (FAQs) on Gorilla Trekking


Is there an age limit for Gorilla trekking?
The Age limit for Gorilla trekking in both Uganda & Rwanda is currently

15 years and above. Passport details are required before gorilla permits are issued, and an original passport is required on the day of the gorilla trekking / habituation activity to ensure all visitors meet the age requirements.

Please note that in Uganda, special permission can be requested & given to children below the age of 15 years, for example children about to make 15yrs of age. However, parents must sign consent and liability forms to take full responsibility for the child.


Is physical fitness needed during a gorilla trekking safari?
Yes! Physical fitness is needed during Gorilla tracking / Habituation Experience. Due to the rain forest terrain & high altitude of Bwindi National Park (Gorillas live at an altitude of 2000-3000 above sea level), the forest can be steep, slippery, muddy, and with entangled flora & fauna. This can make the Hiking activity physically demanding / strenuous.

Therefore all visitors require a moderate level of physical fitness.

Note that Porters are available for Hire at the start of the trek to help carry Backpacks, and give you a push or pull to help navigate the terrain.
Also, nearby gorilla groups can be assigned to visitors not fit enough.

Any medical precautions needed before my gorilla trekking safari?
All visitors with long standing health issues / conditions should have a medical checkup prior to traveling. Persons with chronic illnesses, heart disease, mental illness or advanced pregnancy are advised not to participate in Gorilla tracking due to its strenuous nature. Consult your doctor before traveling to ensure that you are physically fit for the tracking activity. Asked Questions (FAQs) on Gorilla Trekking


However, visitors with physical handicaps / limitations, the elderly and those unable / unfit to walk for long distances, can hire the sedan chairs with handlers to take them to and from the Gorilla viewing point.

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