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Adrenaline-packed tourist activities to enjoy in Jinja,  Looking to combine adventure with your wildlife or primate safari in Uganda, Look no further than Jinja, the Adrenaline City located within Eastern Uganda. Whether it’s the intense Bungee jumping, tackling ferocious white water rapids, biking across hills, a relaxing boat cruise, Quad biking across the countryside or even sport fishing. Where else in Uganda can you find an entire package of all these activities? Jinja offers it all to your satisfaction.

Jinja is found in the eastern side of Uganda, at approximately 80 kilometers/51 miles and 2-3 hours’ drive (depending on traffic flow) from Kampala City. The following are the adrenaline-packed tourist activities to enjoy within Jinja;

Bungee Jumping

Jinja is the only place in Uganda where Bungee Jumping is done and also the number one reason why adventure tourists visit the Town. This activity is not for the faint-hearted because you will need to jump from a platform that is about 44 meters above the waters of the Nile. Picture yourself kissing the Nile because that’s what you will experience when you Bungee jump from Jinja. However, you can choose whether to go for the short or long jumps-stunt jumps, tandem jumps, night jumps, and whether to be dipped in the Nile.

Whitewater rafting

Whitewater rafting along the Nile River is second to none in Uganda offering a breathtaking experience for any adrenaline-seeking person. You will slowly begin rafting downstream along the course of the Nile River for over 30 kilometers and to be more comfortable you will need to be a strong swimmer to challenge the Nile. Nonetheless, the activity is conducted under the guidance of experienced guides/divers and swimmers to advise and encourage participants. Intending persons are advised to wear swimsuits, waterproof sunscreen, and board shorts among others.

Kayaking on the Nile

Kayaking on the ferocious Nile River is another thrilling adrenaline-packed activity enjoyed in Jinja. This activity caters to all skill levels-beginners who can opt for tandem kayaking on the gentler waters of the Nile as well as the more adventurous and experienced persons who can instead opt for any of the 5 levels of rapids.

Quad biking

Quad biking tours are also conducted in Jinja with tourists being offered the chance to explore the banks of the Nile River as well as its surrounding villages. Don’t worry about never riding a Quad Bike before because the tours usually begin with safety briefing and simple training before finally heading for the 2-5 hours’ activity. You will be rewarded with jaw-dropping views of the well-cultivated farmlands, stunning landscape, spectacular lush scenery and also get to chance to interact with the locals

Boat cruise

You cannot say you visited Uganda and never went on a boat cruise. This activity is one of the must-do adventures in the country and Jinja is one of the few places where you can enjoy an authentic boating experience. After all the adrenaline-packed activities, game viewing adventures or even the physically demanding gorilla and chimpanzee tours, you might actually need to take some time to relax your body and mind.

There is no better way to relax than undertaking a boat cruise along the Nile River. Besides the obvious attractions encountered during the activity-Hippos, Nile crocodiles and birds, this boat cruise offers views of historical landmarks especially the Speke Memorial Monument, a point that marks the source of the Nile. You can head for the boat cruise anytime but perfect photographic moments are in the morning (sunrise cruises) and evening (for the sunset/sundowner cruises).

Horseback rides

There are less than 5 places in Uganda offering horseback rides and Jinja is one of those few places. This is the most ideal way to explore the local villages, the vast tea plantations and fishing villages among others. The activity caters for all skill levels including beginners who are trained on how to undertake the activity and also, horses are trained to react on all skill levels. Horseback rides last between 2 and 3 hours with weight restriction being 90 kilograms.

Stand Up Paddle

The Calm waters of the Nile River make it possible to participate in the Stand Up paddle from the Owen Falls to the Bujagali area. With the control and guidance of your instructor, safety equipment, absence of rocks and calm waters, you will be able to control the paddle with basic rescue techniques and strokes.

Other interesting adrenaline-packed activities in Jinja City are Sport fishing, River surfing, Jet boating, Mountain biking/cycling, Zip-lining within Mabira Forest (before Jinja Town) and many others.

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